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Chris Savage is the co-founder and CEO of Wistia, an internet video hosting and analytics company that enables marketers to track and analyze web video viewers. Chris and his co-founder Brendan founded Wistia in 2006. In 2009 they were finalists in BusinessWeek’s 25 Most Promising US entrepreneurs under the age of 25.

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Kirk Simpson is the co-founder and CEO of Wave, an integrated online solution designed for small businesses to manage their financial life. Wave has signed up well over 1,000,0000 users and currently serves customers in more than 200 countries around the world. And to date, Wave has raised over $25 million in VC funding.

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Melanie Perkins is the 27 year old co-founder and CEO of Canva, an online design platform which makes graphic design amazingly simple for everyone, by bringing together a drag-and-drop design tool with a library of more than a million stock photographs, graphic elements and fonts. Melanie founded Canva in 2012 and to date has raised over $6M in VC funding.

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Gary Swart is a Venture Partner at Polaris Partners, an 18-year old venture capital firm. Gary is also the former CEO of Odesk, the world’s largest online workplace with over 1 million clients and 5 million freelancers. He joined the company as its CEO in 2005 and has guided the company to industry leadership and through their recent merger with Elance.

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Andrew Filev is the founder and CEO of Wrike, a provider of social project management and collaboration software that helps co-located and distributed teams to get things done together in real time. Andrew founded the company in 2006 and to date has raised more than $11M in funding.


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Sahil Lavingia is the founder and CEO of Gumroad, a startup which enables creatives (such as writers, designers and musicians) to sell their products directly to their audience. Sahil founded Gumroad in 2011 and to date has raised more $8 million in funding.

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Peldi Guilizzoni is the founder of Balsamiq Studios, which makes Balsamiq Mockups a tool for creating quick and intuitive user interface mockups. Peldi launched Balsamiq as a one-man software company in 2008 and within 18 months, Balsamiq reached $2 million in revenue. Balsamiq is on track this year to hit $6 million in revenue.

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Ruben is the founder of BidSketch, a web app which helps freelancers, consultants and agencies to create professional looking proposals in minutes. Ruben launched Bidsketch as a one-person company in 2009. Since then, it’s grown to help over a 1000 paying customers earn over $261M in revenue.

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Brian Gardner is the founder of StudioPress, which makes WordPress themes based on their Genesis framework. Brian grew StudioPress from nothing into a multi-million dollar business. In 2010, Brian merged StudioPress and several other companies with Copyblogger to create Copyblogger Media. Brian is a founding partner of Copyblogger Media and also its Chief Product Officer.

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Nathan Latka is the founder and CEO of Heyo. Heyo helps businesses easily create Facebook contests, sweepstakes and mobile-optimized landing pages to help get more fans, leads and sales. Heyo acheived over 6-figures in revenue in it's first year and is currently an 8-figure business. Nathan and his team are currently on a mission to get to 500,000 paying customers by 2017.

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