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Shawn Finder is the co-founder and CEO of Autoklose, an all-in-one outbound sales automation platform.

Competing in a crowded market can be really tough. Having a great product and clear differentiation is super important, but sometimes that's not enough. You also need a great product launch that helps you stand out in the market and drive rapid product adoption.

In 2016, Shawn had an idea for a new SaaS product. He already had an existing business and realized that many of his customers were struggling with the same issue.

So he started thinking about how he could build a SaaS product to help them. After doing some research, he decided he was going to go all in' with this new SaaS business.

But there was one big problem. Shawn was building a sales automation product and so he was about to enter an extremely crowded and competitive market.

No matter how good his product was, he knew it was going to be a challenge to stand out in that market. So he knew that a successful launch was going to be critical for his new business.

In this interview you'll learn:

* How Shawn started promoting Autoklose 6 months before it launched and how he had 1000 demos booked when they launched the product.
* How Shawn worked with industry influencers and partners to help promote Autoklose and get in front of a much bigger audience.
* How Shawn used social selling on LinkedIn to position himself as an authority in the space and attract prospects.

As a result, the business has gone from zero to over a million dollars a year in about 18 months.

There are a lot of great lessons and insights in this interview. I hope you enjoy it.

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