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Jeremy Reeves is sales funnel expert. He specializes in building strategic & automated online sales funnels that help his clients generate more revenue. He's created millions of dollars in additional profits for this clients. He's worked with some of the world's leading entrepreneurs as well SaaS companies like CrazyEgg and ClickTale. And in this episode, he's going to share his expertise on how you can build a better sales funnel for your SaaS business. You can be getting a ton of traffic to your website and you may have a great product. But if you don't have a sales or marketing funnel, then you will never be effective at converting all of that traffic into customers. Jeremy helps us understand exactly what sales funnel is. And then we deep dive into a step by step process for designing and implementing your own funnel. There's lots of practical information in this episode that you could start implementing today.
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Marcelino Alvarez is the co-founder and CEO of Uncorked Studios, a rapidly growing design and engineering firm that builds connected products for both the digital & physical world - ranging from an app/website to a wearable device or smart home technology. The company also has a history of developing social impact projects e.g. in 2011 my guest and his team developed an open data initiative to help residents of Japan report and understand the levels of radiation following the earthquake and nuclear disaster. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Portland, Oregon. Its clients include companies such as Google, adidas, Intel and Lego. Here are 3 reasons why you should listen to this episode: 1. There are some great lessons in this episode on how to build a successful services business. Many of you are currently running a services business, while trying to build your product business. You will get some good insights on how you can get more clients. 2. We talk about innovation and creating a culture where innovation is encouraged. And Marcelino has some great examples of what he has done to create that type of culture in his company and how that has resulted in some amazing new ideas and products. 3. I always believe that looking outside of our own world views, we can find inspiration, new ideas and better ways of doing business. So although this isn't a conversation about SaaS or a software product, it will give you some 'out of the box' thinking for your SaaS business.
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Mogens Møller is the co-founder and CEO of Sleeknote. A SaaS product that helps ecommerce sites get more email opt-ins, without affecting bounce rate and sales. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Aarhus, Denmark. Sleeknote currently has around 700 customers and generates $55,000 in monthly recurring revenue. And the business has been bootstrapped from day one. In this episode we talk about: * How the founders came up with the idea for the SaaS product while doing freelancing work for a client * How the first version of the minimum viable product was developed and shipped in under 7 days * A major mistake they made by trying to focus on too broad a market for almost a year * How they got traction and achieved success by niching down and focusing on a segment with the market * What they did to get traction and go from zero to $55,000 per month

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Ryan McKay-Fleming is the co-founder and CTO of, a SaaS product that helps teachers with lesson planning, grading, assessment and attendance. Over 100,000 teachers worldwide are using The company is based in Toronto, Canada. It was founded in 2012 and to date has raised $500K in its initial seed round. This is a story about two college friends from the University of Waterloo in Canada, who decided to build a startup. They had an idea for a product that would make teachers more productive. They didnt do an validation or talk to teachers, they just went ahead and built the product on a hunch. As you can imagine, things didnt go quite to plan when they launched. And we talk about the lessons they learned and how got over 100,000 teachers worldwide using their product and also raised $500,000 in their initial seed round. We also talk about how they were discouraged because nobody was buying their product. And then one phone call changed all that and created that AHA moment, where they figured out how to get teachers (who dont have a lot of money) using their product and still create a business model where they can make money. There are some interesting lessons in this episode and I think youll get value whatever industry youre in.
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