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Guillaume Moubeche is the co-founder and CEO of Lemlist, an automated email outreach platform that uses personalized images to get more replies from cold emails.

Guillaume was running a B2B lead generation agency in Paris. He was sending out a lot of cold emails on behalf of his clients. He was getting results but felt he could be doing much better.

He knew that highly personalized emails got more replies. But it was really hard to do that at scale. And automated solutions did basic personalization like replacing the first name.

So he started looking around for an automated solution that would help him do advanced things like sending personalized images with each cold email. But he didn't find anything.

And that's when he realized there might be an opportunity for him to build a software product.

He partnered with a couple of developers and they built a very ugly beta' in about 2 weeks. And in that first month, they had about 100 people signup for the product.

The product did the job, but the editor almost impossible to use. His users told him they loved the idea, but the product lacked 90% of the features his competitors had.

Around the same time, he got an email from someone at Appsumo who had come across his product and told him that they were interested in doing a promotion in a couple of months.

It was a great opportunity, but they knew that they had to make the product much better and had some more features. And they didn't have much time to do all that.

A couple of months later, their product was promoted on Appsumo and in a couple of weeks they generated around $170,000 in sales and most people loved the product.

In this interview, you'll learn how they prioritized the features and development work to get the right product launched on Appsumo. And how generated positive buzz about their product.

We also talk about how they've used Product Hunt, Capterra, LinkedIn and Facebook groups to grow sales. It's a great episode, jam-packed with tons of great insights and ideas.

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