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AJ is the founder of Carrd, a SaaS platform for building simple and fully responsive one-page websites.

In 2010, AJ was designing and creating website templates and themes for a living. Around that time, responsive web design was growing in popularity and it was a skill AJ wanted to acquire.

So he set out to design and build his first responsive site template. When it was done, he put it on his website and let people download it for free.

People liked his template, so he kept building more. And people kept downloading those templates and using them to build websites.

Some people started asking if they could pay him for additional features and support. So he started charging them a one-time payment of $19.

It wasn't a lot of money, but he'd been doing such a great job creating so many templates and built a loyal following that he was quickly generating 6-figures in annual revenue.

But by 2015, AJ was bored of building templates and themes. It had been fun learning a lot of new skills. But he was now ready for a new challenge.

He was intrigued by the idea of site building software that made it easy for non developers to create websites. But companies like Wix and Squarespace already had products in the market.

He knew he couldn't compete with those companies. So he looked for a different way. And eventually, he narrowed down his idea to a site builder for really simple one-page websites.

And it turned out to be a good idea that caught on with a lot of people.

Today, his business is doing around $30K in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and is profitable. In this interview, we talk about how he's built a one-person SaaS company with no marketing.

And in case you're wondering, it's not a mistake that I didn't mention AJ's last name. He's pretty much anonymous online. No one knows his last name or what he even looks like.

But he's a great guy and I had a lot of fun talking to him. I hope you enjoy it too.

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