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This is a special episode and I have three guests on the show today!

We're going to teach you something that I believe is so important to building a successful SaaS business, yet very few people talk about it.

When you're asking for a sale from a potential customer (whether in person or on your website) you need to present an attractive offer. You need to tell them about your product, how it will help them and what you'd like in return.

It sounds simple. But most of us know that it's not.

When you're struggling to make sales, a poor offer can often be the cause. And many businesses have dramatically improved sales by simply creating a better offer (without actually changing their product).

And a strong (or power) guarantee makes your offer even more attractive and helps close more sales.

So in this episode, I'm joined by two direct response marketing experts and copywriters who are going to show us how to create an offer and power guarantee that your prospects can't refuse.

And then we're going to look at a real-life example with one of my SaaS Club Plus members and how he's developing an offer and power guarantee for his SaaS business.

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