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Lindy Ledohowski is the co-founder and CEO of EssayJack, a SaaS product that makes it easier for students to write essays and get better grades. It helps to reduce writing anxiety, procrastination and plagiarism.

Lindy is a former teacher and research professor. Before launching EssayJack she'd never run a company before, let alone a software business. And when she started out, she had zero technical skills - she didn't even know how to register a website domain.

She founded the company with her husband Rueban, who's a law professor. So neither of the founders had a tech or software background.

Yet, they've gone on to build a software product that's now used by over 12,000 students and their business is generating around $500,000 in annual revenue. It's a great story.

In this episode you'll learn:

* How Lindy overcame her lack of technical skills and experience to turn her idea into a product that she could get into the hands of students.
* How the two co-founders used a surprisingly simple approach to growing their business and how it's helped them get to 12,000 active users.
* How Lindy started selling the product before their website could even handle payments and how they've grown to $500,000 a year.

If you've felt like you're being held back or don't have all the skills you need to build and grow SaaS business, then this story might give you a little inspiration.

I hope you enjoy it.

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